• the article should be presented on 10-15 pages;
    • articles are accepted in Uzbek, Russian, English, French;
    • the article should be formatted in Times News Roman 14 point size, 1 spacing;
    • name of the author (s), position, academic title, place of work (study), region, republic and e-mail;
    • the title of the article is written in bold capital letters;
    • abstract to the article (abstract and purpose of the article, 100-150 words), key words and phrases (7-10) are given in Uzbek, Russian, English;
    • links to the article are given in brackets [1, B.1], for Internet sources [1], and links - at the end of the article;
    • sides of the article on the left: 3 cm, on the right: 1.5 cm, above and below: 2 cm;
    • Figures, tables, diagrams are marked with Arabic numerals as "Picture". Symbols or signs - are placed under the picture, in the next row, in the middle and are highlighted in bold;
    • The author (s) should indicate a mobile phone number at the end of the article.


    Figure 1. Image name

        There are some spaces left between the image and the text. The images should be referenced (Figure 1).

    • Tables: denoted by the word "Table" and denoted by Arabic numerals. The name of the table and the number of the record (without dots) are given and corrected on the right, the name of the table is written on the next line, in the middle, in bold (the article should contain high-quality diagrams, tables, photographs).
    • The author (s) are responsible for the scientific validity, reliability and copying of information and evidence presented in the article.
    • Articles will be reviewed by experts. Only articles recommended by experts will be published in the journal.
    • Unaccepted articles will not be published and will not be returned to authors.
    • Only 1 article of the author can be published in an issue of the journal.