License agreement

By submitting an article in the scientific journal “Journal of Law research”, I confirm the following:

  1. On behalf of my co-authors, I am authorized to enter into this agreement.
  2. On my behalf and on behalf of my co-authors, I guarantee the following:

– the article is original, has not been officially published in any other journal, is not under review in any other journal and does not violate existing copyright or other rights of third parties;

– I/we are the sole author(s) of the article and have full authority to enter into this agreement, and grant all rights to my/our article to the scientific journal “Journal of Law research” and this does not violate our other obligations;

– the article does not contain information about illegal, libelous and does not cause violation of the contract or distrust in the event of publication;

– I/we have taken appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of the article. According to the scientific evidence currently available to me/us, all the evidence given in the article is true, and all the formulas or instructions in the article, if strictly followed, will not cause any harm to the user.

  1. I and all co-authors agree that the article will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license if the article is accepted for publication.
  2. I and all co-authors, if the article is accepted for publication in the scientific journal “Journal of Law research”, are aware that all information in the article will be provided in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-License 4.0 license unless otherwise indicated.
  3. Author(s) of the article(s) can retain the rights to their article(s) by informing the journal in written form during article(s) submission. 
  4. Journal allow the author(s) to retain publishing rights without any restrictions.

License information will be placed on each page of an article