• Аxmedova Barno Rajabboyevna


language, mental language, mathematical language, semantic relativity, thought language, mental thinking, arithmetic, properties of mental language, thinking language, language hypothesis, mental language linguistics, mental and logic, mental arithmetic, mental language semantics, logic language, semantic language, artificial language


The article analyzes mental language and its philosophical-methodological aspects, calculated from the fundamental problems of philosophy and science. It has also been analyzed that the fundamental function of the concept of mental language is to manifest in the same systematic relationship between the meanings of sentences (identity, difference, logical consequence, etc.) between metallinguistic phrases that are given the status of a “language of thought” (lingua). Also, mental language is a methathyl in which units of the conceptual system are indicated or mental representations are described for the meaning of natural language expressions. There are specific rules for the formation of Mental language semantics, according to which each sentence of the object language (for example, English) is expressed in some metathyl (for example, English and can be a language of First-Order logic or a special language). It is now covered that mental language is particularly actively developing as a metathyl of linguistic philosophy.


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