– The full name and the e-mail address of the author of article;
– The theme is written in bold and black script in Uzbek, Russian and English languages;
– The abstract must be around 500 printing symbols (0.5 page);
– Keywords (up to 10) must be chosen from the essence of the article and given in Uzbek, Russian and English languages;
– Article must include in itself three parts: introduction, main part and conclusion;
– The author is responsible for the authenticity of the source given in the list of used literature;
– Article must be from 0.5 to 1 printing page (from 8 to 16 page in A3 format);
– Materials must be presented in Microsoft Office Word;
– The font of the materials must be in “Times New Roman” font;
– The size of the basic material must be 12;
– The interval must be 1;
– The top and bottom margins must be 2.5 centimeters, left margin 3 centimeters, right margin 1.5 centimeters;
– The indention must be 1.25 centimeters.
The pages are numbered from title page to the last page. The number of the page is printed at the right bottom of the page, starting with the second page. Title page is not numbered.